This Girl Did Something So Cute For Her Rescue Pup When They Brought Him Home

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What could presumably be improved than bringing home a new, small puppy? Listening to your children sing to them, as this mom found out.

A integrate of weeks ago, Lauren Malone and her four-year-old daughter, Katie, adopted an darling small man named Oakley from American Lab Rescue in Connecticut. Katie contingency have famous a knowledge competence be treacherous and a small frightful for Oakley, so as shortly as they got home, she kindly cradled a exhausted pup. Then, in an impossibly honeyed move, she starting singing a lullaby to her new bushy friend.

It doesn’t get most cuter than this. As Malone put it when she common a changed footage below, “THIS is because we should adopt a rescue dog.”

Not usually has Malone done large people grin with her darling video, though she’s also lifted thousands of dollars for a rescue! You can present too by clicking here or here.