This Girl Says She Was Being Bullied, But Was She The Real Bully Here?

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Back in 2016, a video of a lady fighting a child during Sonoma Valley High School in California fast went viral on amicable media, with a startling series of viewers praising her and observant that a child deserved it.

Many commented on a video and pronounced a teen had been station adult for herself and that a child was a bully, though either he formerly tormented her in chairman or on a internet or not isn’t clear. The girl, who went to Creekside High School during a time, claimed that she had confronted him and he threw H2O in her face, that hadn’t been available on video.

After that purported occurrence was when a quarrel began. The girl, who was pronounced to be lerned in churned martial arts, threw a child to a belligerent and kneed him in a face before using away.


(via Sonoma Index-Tribune and 6abc)

According to 6 ABC, a propagandize district expelled a matter observant administrators took “appropriate disciplinary movement in suitability with determined propagandize district policies,” though didn’t elaborate further. Though we don’t know for certain either this lady was unequivocally bullied or not, it’s critical to discuss that assault is never a answer.