This Holiday Makeup Trend Is One You’ll Want To Rock At Christmas (Or Not)

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We all have that one crony who is gratifying AF.

If I’m being totally honest, in my organisation of friends that chairman is me. I’m totally embellished out with my Christmas leggings and my Santa shawl fundamentally immediately after Halloween is over. Now, I’m no makeup guru, though there are people out there who take Christmas looks to a whole new level.

The new trend this year? Christmas tree eyebrows. Whether this creates we wish to sing “Joy to a World” or skip festivities completely, well, that’s adult to you.

All in all, it’s flattering easy to lift off if we know what you’re doing. Simply apart a tops and bottoms of a brows to make branches.

Use concealer as normal to figure a brow correctly, afterwards supplement your “ornament” embellishments.

Here’s a video from creator @taytay_xx display we how to get it only right.