This Is How An American Tragedy Changed One Of Your Kids’ Favorite Disney Movies

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Whether we were a child in a early 2000s or a primogenitor holding your child to a movies, chances are you’re informed with a mischievous behaviors of Experiment 626.

“Lilo and Stitch” was a feel-good Disney film of 2002 and was a bonafide strike during a box office. But what we competence not know about a film is that a finale competence have looked a bit opposite had a vital American tragedy not taken place.

The horrific events of Sep 11, 2001 forced Disney to reframe a whole finale of a movie. While a film already contained stories of loneliness and a detriment of desired ones, a final scenes of a film also enclosed a craft pile-up in a city with vast buildings that was a outcome of a hijacking scenario. Disney eventually opted out of a strange cut due to a attraction of a republic during that time and reworked a animation.

But some-more than 15 years after a release, a strange stage can be noticed in a entirety, and when compared to a melodramatic release, a tonal disproportion is striking. It underscores a impact that horrific day had on each aspect of American life.


In a week of a tragedy’s 16th anniversary, it’s critical that we remember all of a lives that were mislaid that day and in a weeks that followed. Squeeze your desired ones additional tough tonight.