This Is The Most Insane ‘Medical’ Treatment I’ve Ever Seen…It Also Looks Painful

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Recently, Olympic swimmers introduced a ubiquitous open to cupping, an choice therapy believed to foster recovering and urge blood flow.

But it’s not a usually kind of choice medicine that looks terrifying.

While these practices competence be renouned in some cultures, either or not they are effective is still adult for debate. Acupuncture is a use that falls into this category. However, pain-killer is only one kind of needle therapy. There are other, some-more impassioned versions out there.

One of those is python needle therapy…

If a name sounds bad, only wait until we see it in action.


My behind hurts only examination this.


While a whole indicate of this procession is to strike trigger points, recover tension, and urge mobility, it looks like it would do a opposite.

Honestly, it kind of looks like wanton surgery…only but a painkillers.