This Is Why You Don’t Fight A Magnesium Fire With Water

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Just ask any firefighter and they’ll tell we that magnesium fires are no fun and they can lead to some critical injuries and drop of property. Magnesium is a flamable steel that’s apropos some-more and some-more common in a bland lives. Typically, there is not adequate magnesium in a inclination to poise a threat, though when we get adequate of it in one spot, accidents can happen.

That’s when magnesium fires start. Fighting these blazes is intensely formidable since we can't use H2O to extinguish them. In fact, H2O only creates them worse. Magnesium glow browns so prohibited that it indeed causes H2O molecules to mangle into their member elements, that can afterwards combust.

As a demonstration, we benefaction to we a St. Louis Fire Department perplexing to extinguish a magnesium blaze.


Well, that is positively terrifying. Now I’m doubly worried with a fact that we live so tighten to an industrial park.