This Kid Just Won The Internet With The Best Graduation Speech Of All Time

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While college graduation speeches have a bit of a repute for being cold (like, Lin-Manuel Miranda cool), center propagandize and high propagandize grad speeches are customarily snoozefests.

Teens are only awkward. It’s a fact of life, and my aged Myspace comment is explanation positive. Forcing them to mount during podiums in front of their families, teachers, and a youth monsters with whom they common a halls is customarily a recipe for disaster.

But this child is an outlier. When it came time for him to breeze his center propagandize graduation speech, he motionless to take some impulse from a presidential possibilities we all know and adore (read: unequivocally don’t adore during all).


If your careful child is staid to pronounce during their rite this year or next, don’t let them watch this.

Setting them adult for personal beating only isn’t cool.