This Man’s Perfectly Timed Photos Seem Almost Too Coincidental To Be Real

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Photography and well-developed timing go palm in hand, though this male takes a dual to a new (and severely satisfying) turn with his pictures.

Denis Cherim is a London-based photographer who says his passion is “capturing a hint of impetuosity and coincidence” in a array of photos he calls “The Coincidence Project.” In his project, Cherim works to find a ideal angle that combines light, shadows and lines from opposite outside elements into visually appreciative works.

“Whenever we transport opposite a city, a forest, a river, or a elementary parking lot, we find that a common bland impulse can unexpected renovate in a enthralling situation,” Cherim explains. “Combinations of geometry, textures, reflections will all engage to emanate out of a ordinary, pleasant centre pieces.” Check out some of a best pieces from his collection below.