This Never-Before-Seen Footage From Inside A Mormon Temple Is Super Weird

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Mormonism is utterly a sly sacrament to outsiders. Because of that secrecy, there are some-more than a few rumors out there surrounding what happens inside Mormon churches. Usually, when rumors whirl about a sly organization, they have small basement in reality. But each once in a while, some of those whispers and rumblings spin out to be true.

Back in 2012, a YouTuber by a name of Newnamenoah uploaded a seven-minute video claiming to underline sly Mormon rituals held on fasten regulating a dark camera. Since then, he has uploaded some-more videos of identical rituals. We benefaction them next but criticism on a sacrament they allegedly depict.

The really sly protocol of baptizing a dead.


A tip Mormon handshake.


This is a sly rite for Mormons over a age of 18, according to Newnamenoah.


Here is a strange video that Newnamenoah uploaded in 2012.


(via Newnamenoah)

Needless to say, these videos have influenced adult a satisfactory bit of debate in a Mormon community. Still, Newnamenoah continues to somehow constraint these clips (and he shows no signs of stopping).