This New Proposal Trend Is So Dumb, It’ll Make You Scratch Your Head

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Avocados. We Millennials adore ’em.

Our common adore for a common avocado is so well-known, in fact, that Gen Xers and Boomers have created consider pieces about how avocado toast is what’s gripping us from shopping homes, since crippling tyro debt and an economy that was blown adult before we were even innate could not presumably be to censure here.

Anyway, behind to avocados. There are copiousness of dumb offer trends online. At this point, proposals are a form of attention-seeking opening art people share online for validation from strangers. Cute! The latest trend doesn’t come in a form of an overraught peep host in a center of Central Park, though. Oh no. It comes to us around avocado. Nothing creates clarity and a manners don’t matter.

What would we do if we partner rolled adult to your offer and handed we an avocado with a ring inside? I, personally, would cut my waste and run, doubt what on God’s immature earth I’d finished to merit such a thing. Some people, however, are totally into it since of march they are.


I mean, who needs ring boxes when we can make your impossibly costly investment sharp AND unwashed during a same time? we mostly reprove a thought of comparison generations roasting us, though in this case, my era has warranted it. This avocado-based gibe is totally fair.


Another fun thing we schooled in a routine of essay this is that a genuine association called Custom Avocados exists, and they’ll even imitation a summary on your foolish offer avocado. Amazing.


Look during this picture of a real-life avocado offer in action. I, a Milennial, feel like Caliban saying a nauseous thoughtfulness in a mirror. Why are we this way?