This Thief Started Stuffing Bottles In Her Purse, But She Didn’t Stop There

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Don’t we hatred it when we travel into a store and comprehend that we left your wallet during home?

Most people would possibly give adult on selling for a day or usually run home to squeeze it, though this lady prefers her possess artistic resolution — that involves regulating a 5 finger discount. On Aug 18, she walked into a wine store in Shreveport, Louisiana, though done it flattering transparent she wasn’t profitable for most when she began stuffing bottles not usually into her purse, though her bra and pants as well.

Whether she forgot her wallet, didn’t have a money, or was formulation on hidden drink from a get-go, she really wasn’t bashful about unctuous as most wine as possible. Check out a confidence footage below.

(via Daily Mail)

All in all, a lady got divided with 18 bottles of alcohol. The Shreveport Police Department is charity $300 for any information about a case.