This ‘Tiger’ Is Really Giving A German Shepherd A Run For Her Money…Too Funny!

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The art of a ninja is impossibly complicated. You contingency be patient, nonetheless brutal; unassuming, nonetheless lethal. It might seem that this, uh, “tiger” has got that down flattering well, and a German shepherd competition is not happy with his participation during all.

Not. One. Bit.

Crouching tiger is right…he’s frequency relocating during all! So sneaky.

Crouching tiger is right...he's frequency relocating during all! So sneaky.


“Maybe if we conflict first?”

Maybe if we conflict first?


“Waiiitt a sec…NOPE.”

Waiiitt a sec...NOPE.


“This is too creepy for me…I’m out.”

This is too creepy for me...I'm out.


“What are these mind games?”

This German shepherd will be sleeping with one eye open tonight, that’s for sure! She only can’t seem to hang her bushy conduct around a fact that pressed animals aren’t real animals…

Please, no one tell her!