This Time-Lapse Video Of Maggots Is Intriguing And So, So Disgusting

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There’s no necessity of uncanny videos of uncanny people doing uncanny things online. Because I’m a cloyed internet user, it takes utterly a bit for me to see something and say, “What a ruin did we only watch?” When that does happen, we can be certain that there’s some severely weird nonsense going on.

Take this time-lapse video posted by Redditor CloudWolf40, for example.

For whatever reason, he motionless to let his camera run all day and film a maggots that were entertainment on his patio.


(source: Reddit)

Strange doesn’t even start to cover it. According to comments he posted after a video went live, a maggots were unequivocally after a bird body fibbing nearby. This grossed me out so much, and we know what they say: Misery loves company. You’re welcome.