This Woman Isn’t Just Gorgeous — She’s One Of The Best Pianists Out There

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Lola Astanova might be a exemplary musician, though she’s frequency what you’d call traditional.

The 32-year-old Russian-American pianist, who prefers stylish, voluptuous opening outfits over long, dim gowns, takes a singular artistic proceed to her music, violation a classify of what she calls “academic, strict, and really proper” exemplary musicians with her possess transcriptions — and people have really taken notice.

Born in Uzbekistan, Astanova took her initial piano doctrine during 6 years old. Talented as she was roughly right from a start, she began study underneath eminent piano highbrow Tamara Popovich. Her large mangle came in 2007, 4 years after emigrating to a U.S., when she starred in a Neiman Marcus Classical Superstars Fantasy Concert hosted by Regis Philbin. Then in 2012, she done her Carnegie Hall debut.

Since then, a specialist has amassed utterly a following, with thousands of adoring fans praising her low-pitched style…and haters criticizing it as well.

Some have also criticized her for her conform choices, though as she explains, “the long-gowned, ‘rose petals on a keyboard’ pianist is only not me.”

“There is this ‘idea’ out there that if a lady is appealing and well-dressed afterwards she can't be a good musician…a good executive, veteran and so on.” Click a images next to listen to her play.

“I am happy to be among a women who are proof that achieved and stylish are not jointly exclusive.”

Astanova lists Sergey Rachmaninoff, Frédéric Chopin, Vladimir Horowitzn and Alexei Sultanov as her biggest influences in exemplary music. But she’s also a large fan of cocktail song and experimenting with other genres. She says “it requires flexibility and innovative thinking, which, in my view, goes directly opposite a instinct of a standard exemplary musician,” adding that “it allows me to be dual totally opposite musicians, that we love.”

So, adore her or hatred her, though nobody can repudiate she’s intensely talented. Her hands fly over a keys facilely and even her comfortable adult exercises sound incredible!

(via Lola Astanova)

Can’t get adequate of Astanova’s extraordinary performances? You’ll find copiousness some-more on a self-proclaimed piano slayer’s Instagram page. She’s unbelievable.