Thought The Snow Was Bad Near You? Check Out What These Folks Are Dealing With.

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Over a holiday break, we were substantially gay by a layer in your area. But for residents of Erie, Pennsylvania, it presented utterly a problem in a days following Christmas.

A record 34 inches of sleet fell that day in Erie. Between Dec 23 and 26, over 5 feet strike a city, call officials to announce a sleet emergency. Residents have been warned to equivocate nonessential travel, as a roads have turn a calamity to traverse. Forecasters contend cold atmosphere flitting over a Great Lakes is to blame, and that it’s not over yet.

Check out what a people of Erie are now traffic with in their impassioned winter wonderland.

(via Daily Mail)

Well, this really seems like a ideal time for residents to call in ill to work. we would not wish to expostulate in those conditions if we could assistance it!