To Keep Their Vines Pest-Free, This Vineyard Is Getting Help From An Unlikely Source

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At a Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa, a use of pesticides is a banned topic. Instead of spraying chemicals to keep a bugs during bay, they’ve come adult with a…different thought (to contend a least). They’re called Indian curtain ducks.

Yes, we review that right! More than 1,000 waterbirds call a vineyard their home and workplace.

Part traveller attraction, partial intelligent business practice, watch how this eco-conscious estate uses a ducks to keep their vines protected from annoying snails.


I could watch this all day long.

I could watch this all day long.

YouTube / Carla Rhodes

(via Oddity Central)

I cite my booze with a sideshow of ducks using past. This is a greatest!