Too Old To Dance? Never! These Two Will Swing Right On Into Your Heart

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I can’t dance. It’s only a cold, tough fact about me.

Even yet I’m flattering awful during jolt my hips, we adore to watch others do it. It takes a kind of beauty and joining that we enviousness and admire. One aged integrate from Germany, however, has incited out to be an impulse for determined dancers everywhere, assuring their audiences that you’re “never too aged to dance.”

Nellie and Dietmar Ehrentraut are 64 and 70, respectively, though they haven’t let their ages delayed them down. In fact, they’re still competing during dance competitions to this day!

This span has been pitch dancing together given they were immature and zero can stop them now.

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Their latest dance isn’t a initial time they’ve taken a internet by storm. Check out another one of their implausible routines below.