Top Canadian Food & Drink Festivals For Fall 2016

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If you’re looking for an forgive to devise a highway outing this fall, we suggest checking out a far-reaching accumulation of food festivals that are holding place opposite a nation this fall. From pumpkin rags to disdainful booze tastings, these festivals have something that will interest to everyone. Whether you’re exploring Alberta or longing epicurean delicacies and booze in Montreal, here are a few must-visit events that will certainly prove your cravings.


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Smoky Lake Great White North Pumpkin Fair: Smoky Lake, Alberta – Oct 1st

To truly constraint a beauty of tumble and welcome a gratifying inlet of a season, try visiting a Smoky Lake Great White North Pumpkin Fair in Alberta. As a village event, this satisfactory facilities family-friendly activities that will excite immature ones and kids during heart. The pumpkin weigh-off is a categorical captivate of a festival, and aims to endowment a largest anniversary squish in show. Meanwhile, a petting zoo, midway, drink gardens and farmer’s marketplace are also highlights of a Smoky Lake festivities.


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Indulge: New Brunswick’s Food and Wine Festival: St. Andrews, New Brunswick – Oct 14th-16th

Located in a strand city of St. Andrews, Indulge offers an considerable array of food from New Brunswick’s tip chefs, complemented by a vast accumulation of wine, beer, and spirits. If you’re an pledge baker who is dynamic to win, a cake baking competition only might offer we a ideal eventuality to uncover off your skills. While you’re there, we can also representation wines during a booze hearing and tuck into a wealthy collect feast with your family. In further to a tantalizing cooking and drinks, artistic forms can also suffer song and art during this New Brunswick festival.


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Montreal Passion Vin: Montreal, Quebec – Nov 3-5th

This autumn, all  oenophiles can combine in Canada’s many select city, for the Montreal Passion Vin. This annual advantage  is catered toward seasoned booze lovers, who have a possibility to ambience unusual booze from some of a world’s many determined châteaux and vineyards. The deduction from this free eventuality are given to Montreal’s  Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation, and will be used to account a hospital’s new cancer centre.


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Gourmet Food Wine Expo: Toronto, Ontario – Nov 17th-20th

Toronto’s 22nd annual Gourmet Food Wine Expo earnings to a Metro Toronto Convention Centre this year, with another tasty array of general and epicurean foods. Whether we wish to try a new form of cuisine or representation one of a over 1,500 varieties of excellent wines, beers and spirits, this might be a ideal eventuality for your well-bred palate. This year, a festival’s offerings embody a Chef Stage with a cooking demonstrations and an party area. Whether we wish to tinkle eyeglasses and association among a crowds or turn desirous by your favourite culinary professionals, this eventuality promises to offer it all.