Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation

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The Touch of Genius Prize was determined to commend an particular or organisation of people who minister to creation in a margin of pleasing education for blind people. The Prize can be postulated for innovative, permitted mechanism software, Android applications, iOS applications, or pleasing hardware that promotes braille and/or pleasing education for blind people. The $20,000 esteem is supposing by support from The Gibney Family Foundation and National Braille Press.

What is pleasing literacy?

Braille has been, and remains, a singular many poignant invention that has led to a education of blind people. This esteem is focused on education by a clarity of touch. Tactile education implies that people who are blind will have larger entrance to information and learning.

What forms of products are a judges looking for when awarding a Prize?

We wish that this Prize fosters new thoughts, new creations, and meditative outward a box that will urge a lives of blind persons. The Prize can be postulated for veteran program apps, educational program and apps, gaming program or apps that foster pleasing and braille learning, and braille or tactile-related hardware. Read some-more about prior Touch of Genius winners.


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