Toyota: The Legend Returns

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The GR Supra Racing Concept creates a universe entrance during a Geneva Motor Show, reviving a name and suggestion of a many distinguished indication in Toyota’s shining sportscar birthright and demonstrating Toyota’s joining to bringing a Supra behind to a market. It also shows a destiny intensity for a automobile that can broach high opening both on highway and track.

GR Supra Racing Concept. Credit: Toyota

Toyota Supra heritage

The GR Supra Racing Concept revives a good birthright of one of Toyota’s many famous sports cars.

The Supra name evokes power, opening and doing that tangible a period of world-class cars for a entertain of a century. As a racer sports car, a Toyota Supra built a repute both as a challenging performer on a highway and as an all-conquering appurtenance on a racetrack, winning Japan’s top-level GT racing array and earning legions of fans.

The Toyota Supra still enjoys an iconic standing among sports automobile aficionados, 16 years from a finish of production. Its fast recognition has been helped by a success as a renouned indication in a Gran Turismo® pushing simulator video game, and as a starring automobile in a initial film in The Fast and a Furious tellurian movement film series.

The Supra badge initial seemed in 1978 on a incomparable and some-more absolute chronicle of a second era Celica before apropos determined as a successful indication in a possess right.

Known as a A40, a strange Supra was followed by 3 serve generations: a A60 in 1981, A70 in 1986 and A80 in 1993.

The front engine/rear-wheel expostulate GT sportscar remained in prolongation until 2002, and in a final era it was Toyota’s many absolute prolongation model.

The Supra’s repute was severely extended by a success in motorsport. Most notably, a fourth era Supra, introduced in 1993, became a widespread force in a All-Japan GT racing―today’s Super GT series―winning a GT500 category 4 times.

The Toyota Supra also competed in American IMSA sportscar racing in a 1980s and twice seemed during Le Mans in a 1990s.

GR Supra Racing Concept

A compact, two-door car, a GR Supra Racing Concept has a pristine front-engine/rear-wheel expostulate pattern and creates use of modernized lightweight materials in a construction.

Created by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, a judgment ideally expresses a “fun to drive” peculiarity that is unique to Toyota’s joining to creation ever-better cars. The vast “90” foe array on a doors is a chronological anxiety to Supra’s codename and a vast visible idea to a fact that this judgment heralds Supra’s lapse in a fifth generation.

Its growth is loyal to a faith of Kiichiro Toyoda, owner of a automobile company, that appearance in motorsport provides a hurdles of opening and continuance that can directly assistance rise improved cars, while during a same time generating seductiveness and fad among motoring fans.

This ethos has been wholly embraced by both Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda and by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, with a office of success during a top levels of general motorsport, including a World Rally Championship, World Endurance Championship and a Le Mans 24 Hours race. Taking partial in these and other racing array around a universe provides technical learnings that can be eliminated from a foe line or convene theatre to growth of not only new generations of Toyota’s sports-focused GR models, though also to a wider operation of vehicles, driven by tens of millions of people around a world.

The GR Supra Racing Concept is to be featured in a new refurbish of a Gran Turismo Sport video game, grown by Polyphony Digital Inc., and scheduled for recover in Apr 2018.

Design, framework and apparatus features

The racing judgment has a thespian bodywork pattern that includes a vast back wing. It creates endless use of clever though lightweight combination element for elements such as a far-reaching front and back bumpers, front splitter and back diffuser, side skirts, doorway counterpart housings and a back wing. The hood is crafted from a same element and facilities louvred atmosphere inlets. The windscreen and side windows are done of plastic.

The concept’s framework facilities lowered front and back cessation regulating strange apparatus (OE) components. BBS racing wheels with centre-nut connection are propitious with Michelin racing tyres. The braking complement uses Brembo Racing callipers and discs and there is a racing exhaust.

The cabin is wholly competition-focused and is propitious with a racing dashboard and OMP driver’s chair and reserve harness. OMP has also granted a quick-release steering wheel, mounted on a racing mainstay and versed with a paddle change system. The doors are lined with CO twine panels and a dashboard includes a racing display.

Competition reserve mandate are met by a full hurl enclosure and glow extinguishers, and a fuel and stop lines, pedal box, battery and wiring looms are all designed to foe standard.


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing initial competed in Europe in 2007 (as GAZOO Racing). It began a prolonged organization with a Nürburgring 24 Hours with dual Toyota Altezza cars (equivalent to a initial era Lexus IS) and a group comprising drivers and mechanics who were Toyota employees.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has given turn a general powerful organization for Toyota’s tellurian sporting programme. In only a past year is has claimed dual victories during a initial deteriorate in a FIA World Rally Championship and won 5 rounds of a FIA World Endurance Championship. Its new car growth programme has constructed a Yaris GRMN opening hatchback, a latest in a successful array of performance-focused GR-branded cars and a initial GRMN indication to be grown and built in Europe.

Its work is formed on 3 pillars: building people by holding partial in motorsport; formulating fans by a fad of motorsport and producing fun-to-drive cars; and creation ever-better cars by regulating a believe gained from competition.

By bringing employees into a racing garages and array lane, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing helps them urge their skills and assistance them acquire new abilities, operative as a group in extreme, high-pressure environments. The personal growth aspect of this work again feeds directly into Toyota’s creation of ever-better cars, upheld by people who have a knowledge and prophesy to excel.


Source: Toyota

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