Twitter angry during AP for job Amal Clooney ‘actor’s wife’

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What comes to your mind when we hear about Amal Clooney? Is it her career as a distinguished counsel or her high-profile marriage?

File print of Amal Clooney in court. ReutersFile print of Amal Clooney in court. Reuters

File print of Amal Clooney in court. Reuters

Thanks to her surname, many may automatically associate her with Hollywood star George Clooney. However, Clooney, née Alamuddin, is a eminent Humar Rights lawyer,activist, and author and a tellurian luminary in her possess right.

In fact she was was famous for her high-profile clients such as  Julian Assange,  Maldives ex-President Mohamed Nasheed, and former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko even before she was married.

So when The Associated Press (AP) tweeted a below story about Clooney, referring to her as ‘actor’s wife’ was not usually unnecessary, though also offensive.

While a story, about Clooney fortifying 3 Al Jazeera reporters condemned by Egypt to 3 years in prison, did not discuss her husband, a chatter done her out to be like an Hollywood celebrity some-more than a internationally successful counsel that she is.

As expected, a gaffe sparked snub on Twitter with many users pursuit AP out on a sexist inlet of a tweet.

However AP did not take down a strange chatter though about an hour after posted another chatter that referred to Clooney as a Human Rights lawyer.

Overall, it comes as no warn that Twitter came down tough on AP. Gender equivalence are topics that are widely contended on Twitter and a news group as distinguished as AP identifying Clooney as by her husband’s contention in a story that is totally unfriendly to Hollywood, seems to be a step behind for feminism.