UNH Finds Child Poverty Continues to Decline Nationwide

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National information expelled this morning uncover that child misery rates declined opposite a United States, from 21.7 percent in 2014 to 20.7 percent in 2015, though still sojourn aloft than during a finish of a Great Recession in 2009. Researchers during a Carsey School of Public Policy during a University of New Hampshire news that child misery rates have returned to 2009 levels in farming areas only; cities have a top child misery while suburbs have a lowest.

The researchers also remarkable that child misery declined in 13 states and rose in usually one, Mississippi. New Hampshire child misery stays among a lowest during 10.7 percent while Mississippi is a usually state with a rate above 30 percent. View a full news here: https://carsey.unh.edu/publication/overall-child-poverty-decline

“While these child misery declines are promising, it is critical to keep in mind that many states gifted no change between 2014 and 2015,” a researchers said. “Lower child misery rates seem to be driven by aloft median incomes over a past year.”

The investigate was conducted by Andrew Schaefer, a doctoral tyro in sociology and a exposed families investigate scientist during a Carsey School; Jessica Carson, exposed families investigate scientist during a Carsey School; and Beth Mattingly, executive of investigate on exposed families during a Carsey School and investigate partner highbrow of sociology during UNH.

Source: University of New Hampshire