Update: Work knowledge with a WANHAO 3D printer

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We have prolonged wanted to tell about and share a work knowledge with WANHAO Duplicator i3 3D printers.

To tell a truth, if we intend to severely rivet in 3D copy WANHAO Duplicator i3 is an obscure solution. In a cost range, Duplicator i3 looks improved than a competitors. This 3D printer is good, yet we need to entirely know both a automatic settings of a printer and a program in-slicer applications to minimize a forsake rate. Do not design from it a same unchanging results, as from a “top” 3D printers. And we have to know that automatic breakdowns of any inclination do happen. And a 3D printer WANHAO Duplicator i3 is utterly good to be used as a support to implement such an appendage as a laser cutter/engraver.


There are not so many good 3D printers during a bill cost of $350-400.  Earlier, their categorical waste was a inability to use ABS plastic. They work with PLA usually as ABS cosmetic warps and loosens due to a heat differences. But 3D copy globe develops quick and there are ABS plastics that compositions forestall these problems. These issues should be discussed with your 3D printer plastics dealer.



A WANHAO Duplicator i3 printer has a suitable worktable size; it will imitation an object 200*200*200 mm in size, for example, a BB-8 drudge half a strange size (the distance it has in a Star Wars Episode 7).  You have to bear in mind that a bigger a printed object a aloft a forsake rate.


It took us some-more than one day to master a printer and a slicer settings, that is, a programs for GCode acclimatisation and indication credentials for 3D printing.

It is utterly easy to setup a printer and to regulate it, yet a bit dreary. When a printer is incited on we should select “Home all” to set a extruder in a 0 position in all axes. Then we should stagger all 4 screws manually to strech a extruder altitude above a list a breadth of one paper piece in a each plane (x, y) position.

It is critical to unscrew a extruder to purify a plugged nozzle. The adhesion problem is solved with a aerosol lacquer containing polyacrylic resin, plasticizer and hydrocarbon propylene or with a 3M blue thwart tape.

Almost all a Endurance association prototypes and mobile driven drudge SelfieBot b. bodies are printed on a WANHAO Duplicator i3.

In a word, this WANHAO Duplicator i3 3D printer is a good choice for mastering one’s 3D copy skills and designation of such an appendage as a laser cutter/engraver.


Source: EnduranceRobotics