Using Dyne Pen To Measure Surface Energy And Its Benefits

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Irrespective of a business we are in, we need to offer services and products that compare with world-class quality. When it comes to Polypropylene and Polyethylene treatments, it is not easy to check peculiarity and requires an expert’s supervision. Sometimes, a whole peculiarity checking routine turns out to be time-consuming and unsure if we have used specific methods.

Dyne pens.

Thanks to a dyne pens, we don’t have to attend in such unsure and irritating quality-checking processes as these dyne pens are specifically designed to check a peculiarity of such treatments on cosmetic substrates. It is accessible only like a normal coop and after unwrapping, it is prepared to be used for such peculiarity checking operations.

How These Dyne Pens Work?

These pens are versed with an applicator done of a valve tip. Thus, it does not bear a unique waste of a “Felt tip pen” or “Magic marker” type, providing correct accurate formula of aspect energy. If a aspect appetite is low, it leads to bad adhesion of coating, inks, glues and any other polymer formed substance. The dyne exam coop is used in a attention of packaging. It determines if a cosmetic piece has adequate aspect tragedy or not for laminating, copy and coating.

How To Know The Surface Energy With Help Of a Dyne Pen?

For a measurement, pull a dyne exam coop opposite a aspect of a material. The glass would form a consistent film on a surface. If a film stays there for during slightest 3 seconds or some-more than that, it indicates smallest aspect appetite of a material. If a glass draws behind into droplets immediately in reduction than 1 second, a aspect appetite of a piece is reduce than a glass value. Thus, a appetite tragedy can be measured. The accurate dimensions of a aspect appetite can be found by requesting a accumulation of augmenting and dwindling numbers of dyne exam pens.

Benefits Of These Dyne Pens:

No Scrap Material Production:

Forget those days when peculiarity checking routine was used to finish with lots of throw materials. With a dyne pen, we don’t have to worry about throw production.

Results In No Time:

Everyone loves discerning results, doesn’t it? With dyne pens, we can get formula in only no time. All we need to do is to pull a ling opposite a substrate and that is it. Within a time-frame of 3 seconds, we will have formula in your hands.

Easy To Use

You don’t need to sinecure a learned operative or a technical administrator to use dyne pens. Any chairman who is familiar with Polypropylene and Polyethylene treatments can perform a exam and weigh results.

A Reliable Test Method

It is deliberate as one of a best methods to establish a substrate’s provide level. According to researches, it is one of a many accurate methods for verifying provide levels.

Inexpensive to purchase

These dyne pens are not costly adequate that we can't means to buy. They are affordable and simply accessible online. You can sequence from a conjectural industrial element retailer and we will get a set of pens during your doorsteps in few days.


These dyne pens don’t enclose any dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. They are only like any normal coop and enclose ethanol. Furthermore, a correctness (± 1 mN/m (dyne/cm)) is good compared to other peculiarity checking options accessible in a market. There are many online suppliers offer such dyne pens of glorious peculiarity and during best cost in a market. You can sequence from, one of a excellent peculiarity industrial machineries and consumables.

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