Vehicle-2-Grid plan develops charging record in genuine world

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Electric car charging infrastructure on UK roads is to be advanced, interjection to a new £5.6 million plan – saved by Innovate UK – to rise Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) technologies, involving WMG during a University of Warwick.

For 3 years from Apr 2018, a EV-elocity consortium will control a plan to denote and rise V2G record opposite a accumulation of UK locations, including airports and business parks – with a aim of proof a viability and value to business and a wider public.

Dr James Marco

Dr James Marco, credit WMG during a University of Warwick

Researchers during WMG, led by car foundation and appetite storage consultant Dr James Marco, will build a techno-economic indication of how V2G will be viable within a UK. A pivotal creation will be a inclusion of new models of battery plunge within a investigate that will underpin new methods to optimise a vehicle’s battery system.

Dr Marco’s organisation will also analyse real-world use information from a operation of opposite electric swift vehicles as they are used within a V2G context.

The plan will mangle new belligerent in assisting consumers, businesses and infrastructure providers to financially advantage from bettering their charging poise and car use.

In doing so, a plan will assistance to serve accelerate and incentivise a transition from normal fuel sources to electric vehicles.

At a core of a plan is substantiating scalable business models and underlying information services that will be compulsory to support a expansion of this market.

Dr James Marco, Reader in Vehicle Electrification and Energy Storage during WMG, commented:

“This is an sparkling event to investigate a probable advantages of V2G record in a real-world and to erect a new holistic indication of how best to optimise a ever-increasing formation of electric vehicles and a appetite infrastructure.”

V2G record enables plug-in electric vehicles to cleverly promulgate with a appetite grid – potentially returning additional electricity behind to a grid while a car is parked or inactive, that can appetite buildings and infrastructure.

This insubordinate record would make a UK appetite grid some-more fit as electric vehicles grow in recognition – formulating outrageous intensity assets for consumers, businesses and focus companies, as good as a some-more environmentally accessible charging infrastructure.

Furthermore, new investigate from WMG during a University of Warwick found that V2G record can even urge lithium ion battery life in electric vehicles.


Notes to editors:

The EV-elocity consortium is led by A.T. Kearney, and includes WMG, Honda UK, University of Nottingham, The Peel Group, Cenex, Ecar club, Brixworth Technology and a UK-based appetite supply business, Leeds City Council and Nottingham City Council.

The plan will run from Apr 2018 for 3 years.

The work undertaken by Dr Marco extends investigate finished underneath dual projects that include: Ebbs and Flow (funded by Innovate UK EPSRC) and C-Madens (funded by EPSRC).

About WMG

WMG is a universe heading investigate and preparation organisation and an educational dialect of a University of Warwick, determined by Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980 in sequence to energise UK production by a focus of slicing corner investigate and effective believe transfer.

WMG has pioneered an general indication for operative with industry, commerce and open sectors and binds a singular position between academia and industry. The Group’s strength is to yield companies with a event to benefit a rival corner by bargain a company’s plan and operative in partnership with them to create, by multidisciplinary research, ground-breaking products, processes and services.

Every year WMG provides preparation and training to schoolchildren by to comparison executives. There is a flourishing part-time undergraduate programme for apprentices, as good as full-time undergraduates. The postgraduate programmes have over 2,000 students, in a UK and by centres in China, India, Thailand, South Africa and Malaysia.

More about WMG’s battery investigate

Source: University of Warwick

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