Video-enabled Toothbrush

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1-device8It’s not always probable to see only how good – you’ve spotless your teeth, until ONVI’s Prophix introduced a video-enabled toothbrush. It has a built-in video camera that lets we see each final indentation and corner of your mouth. From now on the users will have ability see a condition of their teeth to know improved their verbal health.

A built-in camera means of capturing 1080p video that allows users to watch a live feed of their brushing around a app and see if they are blank any spots. It pairs with an concomitant iOS app around Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It’s also means to constraint 10-megapixel photos that can be saved as to lane a condition of areas of seductiveness in a mouth over time. An Android chronicle of a app is in development. The toothbrush itself is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

There are 4 transmutable attachments supposing with a Prophix, including a rotating brush-head and a prophy cup, that is used for contour cleaning around a tooth and underneath a resin line. There’s also a counterpart to assistance users perspective and constraint hard-to-reach places, and a rubber tip for massaging gums and stealing board and tartar.

The Prophix is accessible for pre-order during a ignored cost of $299 and is scheduled to boat in a initial entertain of subsequent year.



Source: ONVI