Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick Talks Season 5 In Real Style Summer 2017

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Vikings has been off a atmosphere given deteriorate 4 finished behind in February, though that didn’t stop us from interviewing array star Katheryn Winnick and putting her on a cover of a Summer 2017 emanate of Real Style. It was a second time we’d placed a singer on a cover, and a initial given a array became a hit. With Vikings returning tonight on History, we suspicion it would be a ideal time to take a demeanour behind during that interview.

When we spoke to Winnick, she’d only returned to Toronto from filming in London and Dublin. While she had been using on only a few hours sleep, she still sounded rested and eager to speak. She talked to us about how fans are always astounded to find out that she is such a petite chairman and not 6’2″. She went on to speak about how Vikings has altered her life, and how she meets her fans. Of march it was her contention about deteriorate 5 of a array that appearance a courtesy a most. 

In box we weren’t aware, Winnick will be assimilated in deteriorate 5 by her dual brothers, one of that will be personification a aristocrat in a fifth deteriorate of a strike show. She also talked about a chronological correctness of a series, and where she sees herself in 5 years.

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