Visit These Local Canadian Lakes This Spring

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While many of us are informed with a Great Lakes, Canada is home to many other lakes that are value a visit. From bays, rivers to lakes, there are many pleasing bodies of H2O right in a backyard. Some of these lakes and rivers are renouned traveller destinations while others plea we to take a highway reduction travelled. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing change of perspective or to get mislaid in nature, here are some nautical gems to cruise for your subsequent adventure.

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Lake Louise, AB

Located in Banff National Park, Lake Louise is famous for a overwhelming scenic views. Surrounded by plateau and glaciers, Lake Louise is home to countless ski areas and hiking trails. Named after one of Queen Victoria’s daughters, Lake Louise is famous for a emerald waters. The lake itself spans 5 kilometres from a hamlet, a tiny city where we can take a mangle from sightseeing and do some selling or squeeze a punch to eat. In a summer visitors can paddle by a lake, stand a plateau or simply bask in a view. 

Okanagan Lake, BC

Flowing right by Kelowna, Okanagan Lake spans 135 kilometres, withdrawal visitors with copiousness to explore. With over 30 removed beaches, Okanagan Lake is a H2O sports enthusiast’s paradise. Most of a beaches are versed with playgrounds for a kids, concessions, and marinas where visitors can lease H2O boats, Ski-Doos and other H2O accessories. If you’re feeling adventurous, locals plea visitors to demeanour for Ogopogo, a rumoured ‘lake monster’.

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Mahone Bay, NS

Though significantly smaller than Nova Scotia’s other renouned bay, The Bay of Fundy, Mahone Bay is a ideal end for those looking for a bit of waterfront history. Located off a Town of Lunenburg, Mahone Bay is abounding with easterly seashore heritage. Visitors can suffer sailing on a waters or exploring a town’s art galleries, ancestral design and hiking trails. For those looking to lay behind and relax, Mahone Bay has a series of beaches, including a white sands of Risser’s Beach and Carters Beach.

Lake Simcoe, ON

About an hour and a half north of Toronto, nearby Barrie, sits Lake Simcoe. It’s a fourth largest lake in Toronto, braggadocio a series of beaches and islands. Visitors can suffer boating, fishing and cycling a routes of Simcoe County. Aside from a shores, Lake Simcoe is home to over a dozen golf courses and resorts, for a relaxing Ontario retreat.