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The celebration that emerges as a personality of Kenya’s ubiquitous election, to be hold on 8 August, has an event to supercharge pursuit origination and mercantile expansion by adopting policies that assistance Small Medium Businesses to thrive.

That’s according to Nikki Summers (, Regional Director for Sage in East Africa (, a marketplace and record personality for integrated accounting, HR payroll, and remuneration systems. She says that a subsequent supervision will have a clever horizon and substructure to build on, following years of State investment in formulating an enabling sourroundings for entrepreneurs and business builders.

“With GDP approaching to enhance by around 6% this year (, Kenya is on a right lane for growth,” says Summers. “Improving a palliate of doing business and following sound macro-economic policies will assistance safeguard that this gait of expansion continues, also charity an sourroundings where Small Medium Businesses can flourish.”

Summers says that Small Medium Businesses merit a special place in supervision process given they minister adult to 80% of jobs in an rising economy such as Kenya. As critical as vast infrastructure projects are, Small Medium Businesses are a engines of pursuit origination and a many fit car for redistributing and formulating wealth for a advantage of typical people, she adds.

“The new supervision should continue to follow a Kenya Vision 2030 ( blueprint, that recognises a essential purpose of micro, tiny and middle business in industrial development,” says Summers. “It should also demeanour during ways of strengthening a several tiny business appropriation efforts such as Uwezo Fund (  and a Youth and Women Enterprise Fund, given entrance to financing stays one of a many poignant hurdles for entrepreneurs and business builders.”

Improving tiny business presence rate

According to a Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) ( around 2.2 million micro tiny and middle enterprises (MSMEs) close down in a final 5 years. Some 30% reported that necessity of handling supports was a reason for their closure, highlighting a significance of tolerable financing in ensuring a healthy sourroundings for tiny businesses.

“We also trust that record could play a purpose in improving a sustainability of tiny Kenyan businesses and that supervision could inspire uptake of accounting solutions,” says Summers. “Accounting and payroll program could assistance entrepreneurs keep some-more accurate records, approve some-more simply with supervision and taxation regulations and benefit improved prominence into financial performance. This could, in turn, urge their financial formulation and their ability to conduct income flow.”

Summers says that a benefaction governments’ policies of entrenching Buy-Kenya-Build-Kenya process ( in open buying are also to be welcomed. “The buying bill is one of a best collection supervision has to assistance rise rising businesses,” she adds. “By giving tiny businesses favoured diagnosis in tenders, profitable them fast for work they do, and assisting them rise skills, supervision can assistance them grow their businesses to a subsequent level.”

There should also be closer partnership between tiny business forums, vast business (including multinationals) and supervision in nurturing a tiny business sector. “We during Sage would acquire operative with other vast companies and supervision to emanate forums for education, recognising and rewarding tiny businesses,” says Summers.

“Mentoring programmes, where business builders can learn from determined entrepreneurs and businesspeople, as good as platforms that bond tiny businesses to vast business and government, could all assistance smaller businesses to grow and thrive.” 

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