‘Want To Ride The Lightning?’ New York Cops Taunt Students With Tasers

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It’s no tip that in a conflict between bad patrolman vs. good cop, good cops come out on top. At a finish of a day, a immeasurable infancy of them usually wish to strengthen and serve.

However, according to a 2010 news by a National Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, there were scarcely 6,000 reports of military bungle opposite a nation that year. Just over 380 fatalities were related to these incidents. In New York State alone, there were approximately 60 conscious sharpened incidents ensuing in 13 fatalities. Of these shootings, 78 percent of a time, military were a usually ones plainly wielding weapons. While people mostly swear adult and down that secular profiling doesn’t occur, a numbers don’t lie. In a census achieved by a NYPD, scarcely 90 percent go those shot by military officers were possibly black or Latino.

But guns aren’t a usually weapons used. Tasers are renouned among officers, given they can overpower people but lethal force, that is ideal. Despite NYPD discipline saying that tasers should never be used on children, however, dual NYPD officers were held on video derisive a organisation of black students with a taser gun in a totally absurd arrangement of force.

At one point, we can hear one of a officers seeking a kids ion they wanted to “ride a lightning.”

(via Daily Mail)

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It’s misleading if a cops were responding to a call or usually holding this uncanny conditions on themselves. In any case, there were other ways to get these kids where they indispensable to go.