Was a Orlando Gunman Gay? The Answer Continues to Elude a F.B.I.

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One of a initial people to move adult a thought that Mr. Mateen could have been happy was his ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, who, a day after a massacre, told The New York Times that her former father mostly done indignant comments about homosexuality.

“If we know anything about psychology, we know that people that have a really, unequivocally clever rancour or above-average hatred toward something, it’s since low inside that’s what they truly are,” she pronounced in an talk during her home in Boulder, Colo. “In Islam, it’s loyal that there is really low toleration for homosexuality. He competence not have been means to be himself.”

But she combined that she was speculating, and that there was zero in their insinuate life on that she had formed that hunch.

Several group after came brazen to tell other news media outlets that Mr. Mateen was a unchanging during Pulse. (Two of them, womanlike impersonators who perform during a club, declined to criticism for this article, though, observant a concentration ought to be on a victims.)

Another Orlando man, a Navy maestro named Kevin West, told The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post that he had communicated with Mr. Mateen for about a year on Jack’d, a happy discuss and dating app.

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Hector Camacho, a arch executive of Jack’d, pronounced a association was auxiliary with a F.B.I.

A association spokesman, Jeff Dorta, pronounced several radio networks that sought to justify a news forwarded shade shots of what was supposed to be Mr. Mateen’s Jack’d form page, that they pronounced they had perceived from a source creation a allegation. Mr. Dorta pronounced that a technical research dynamic that a form page was substantially not combined by Mr. Mateen.

“While we are not during autocracy to criticism on any specifics, we can tell we that as of now, utilizing a information Jack’d has been provided, we have not been means to justify that Omar Mateen was a Jack’d user,” Mr. Dorta said.

On Jun 21, Attorney General Loretta Lynch visited a crime stage during a Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. “People mostly act out of some-more than one motivation,” she said. “This was clearly an act of apprehension and an act of hate.”

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In an interview, Mr. West refused to share any of a messages or cinema or explain that app he had used to promulgate with Mr. Mateen. He became warlike when pressed. “I don’t need to infer anything to anyone,” Mr. West said. “If we pronounced it, it’s true.”

On Tuesday, a Spanish-language radio network Univision aired an talk with a male identified usually as Miguel — his face was sheltered and his voice twisted — who claimed to have had a two-month attribute with Mr. Mateen after assembly him on a app Grindr.

The male pronounced Mr. Mateen had profiles on during slightest 3 happy dating apps. He pronounced they initial met during another happy bar in Orlando, a Parliament House, and had some-more than a dozen event during an area hotel.

Miguel told a network that Mr. Mateen felt deserted by Hispanic gays and was indignant during Puerto Ricans in particular, since he once had a passionate relationship with a male who after confessed to being H.I.V. positive.

“I trust this crazy terrible thing he did was revenge,” he pronounced in a English-language chronicle of a interview.

Federal authorities looked into his comment and do not cruise it credible, pronounced a law coercion central who spoke on credentials since a information was partial of an ongoing investigation.

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Christopher Hansen, 32, a declare to a Pulse massacre, pronounced that if it incited out that Mr. Mateen had been gay, it competence open a review about homophobia in Muslim and other eremite households where homosexuality is infrequently not accepted.

“Maybe this would assistance open adult eyes in all religions,” he said.

Pedro Julio Serrano, a happy romantic in Puerto Rico, pronounced he was disturbed that Univision’s talk sought to boot a killings as a “personal quarrel.”

“We haven’t seen any texts, phone calls, voice mail messages, emails or Facebook messages,” Mr. Serrano said. “We have to be really clever here. There are 49 families who are spiteful since they mislaid their desired ones, and 53 going by a routine of healing. We can't fuel or light anything that will supplement to that pain and that pang and that will irritate a view and a emotions we are all going through.”

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