Watch: Akshay Kumar and his sister’s singular approach of celebrating Raksha Bandhan

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Akshay Kumar can make anyone moment up, and his filmography (which has equal tools comedy films as movement films) is proof.

This Rakhi, while sisters were bustling restraining rakhis on their hermit hands, and everybody else was bustling holding selfies, Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to post a video he shot with his sister, Alka.


Akshay Kumar and his sister in a shade squeeze from a video.

The Bhatia siblings (Akshay Kumar’s genuine name is Rajeev Bhatia, only incase we were unaware) are seen enacting a ‘Sitaharan’ part from Mahabharata, where Sita is duped into channel a Lakshman Rekha, and afterwards abducted by Raavan.

In a video, Akshay and his sister can be seen wrapped adult in quilts. While Akshay pretends to be a sage, his sister Alka reveals during a finish that she is indeed Rakhi (Sawant) and not Sita. The who act seems to be a skit formed on a video.

Akshay Kumar tweeted about it as well:

Watch a video here: