Watch Beyoncé’s New Video For Sorry

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It’s been dual months since Beyoncé expelled her new manuscript Lemonade, and now we’re finally removing a second video. She expelled a video for a fourth lane on a album, “Sorry”, this morning.

The video facilities Bey and her body-painted class dancing on a city bus, and scenes in an costly southern palace with her girls. Tennis pro Serena Williams even drops by for a discerning cameo in this one, that has fast turn one of a many talked about scenes. In a stage she twerks alongside Beyoncé as a Queen B sits in her throne. The video might be shot in black and white, though it’s not tough to suppose a expanded colours that would be seen throughout. It’s a pleasing video that suits a strain perfectly.

Lemonade has all prepared left Platinum given a recover in April, offered over 1.6 million copies worldwide. The video for “Sorry” follows a initial video expelled from a album, that was “Formation” that premiered a day before her halftime uncover during Super Bowl 50.

Beyoncé is now on The Formation World Tour.