Watch Bindi Irwin Dance As A Vampire Queen On Dancing With The Stars

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Bindi Irwin has been branch a lot of heads on this deteriorate of Dancing with a Stars. From her touching reverence to her father a Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, to final week’s ideal scores for her Dirty Dancing routine, and now this week she incited heads once again in a special Hallowe’en performance.

The 17 year aged Irwin wore white makeup and feign fangs to play a frightful vampire queen, nonetheless she didn’t do a really good pursuit scaring her DWTA costars. In some backstage footage that her partner Derek Hough showed during a promote Irwin finished adult removing an “Awww, it’s Bindi” arrange of greeting from everyone. Not accurately what she was looking for. For her dance slight however she looked definitely scary, and wowed a judges.

Irwin was rewarded with 3 perfects 10s for her performance, and altogether regard from them all. Her partner Hough told People that all a credit goes to Irwin. “I can learn her a moves, though she went out there and killed it tonight with a tension and character,” Hough told PEOPLE.

Dancing with a Stars front Mondays during 8 p.m. on ABC.