Watch Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Hayes, And James Corden Sing ‘A Whole New World’

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The 2016 Tony Awards were full of interesting and absolute speeches, implausible performances, and of march Hamilton’s 11 wins (just bashful of a record 12 by The Producers), though one of a best performances of a uncover was never shown on TV. It happened during a blurb break, and thankfully it was available and eventually posted on Sean Hayes Facebook page.

During one of a blurb breaks horde James Corden was assimilated on theatre during a Beacon Theatre by presenters Jake Gyllenhaal and Sean Hayes. Hayes told fans that Corden had motionless to fill a blurb breaks with something he called “Commercial Karaoke”, and was seeking for volunteers. “Jake Gyllenhaal we were happy to oblige,” Hayes said.

Disney fans will simply commend a strain they were given to sing. It’s from their 1992 charcterised strike Aladdin, and strike series one on a Billboard prohibited chart. “A Whole New World” was creatively sung by Aladdin and Jasmine in a film, though a strain was also played during a shutting credits and achieved by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle.

To see Hayes, Gyllenhaal and Corden behaving their delivery of a song, watch a video below.