Watch: ‘Neruppu Da’ teaser shows Rajinikanth during his electrifying best in ‘Kabali’

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We suppose that people — no, superstars — of Rajinikanth’s status need a thesis song. The strain would presumably mouth out magically each time they entered or exited a room, or generally did anything superstar-like.

And Neruppu Da from Kabali is only a strain we’d have picked to be Thalaivar’s thesis strain in genuine life too!

Rajinikanth in 'Neruppu Da' from 'Kabali'Rajinikanth in 'Neruppu Da' from 'Kabali'

Rajinikanth in ‘Neruppu Da’ from ‘Kabali’

The full strain audio was uploaded on YouTube on 11 Jun by Think Music and we were blown divided by a hardcore stone riffs and those few glimpses of Rajinikanth in his sexy Kabali avatar. The measure by Santhosh Narayanan was all kinds of exciting.

But afterwards a Kabali group expelled a visible for a strain as good on Thursday, 16 Jun — and boy, were we awestruck!

(Read all about how this Rajinikanth super-fan is scheming for a Kabali recover on 1 Jul 2016)

It wasn’t even a full visible — only a 35 second teaser to a song, though divulgence a lot some-more of Rajinikanth’s scenes in Kabali.

We see him in 3 stages in this teaser — initial as a immature man, afterwards a small older, and finally, in a snowy-haired avatar that has graced many of Kabali’s so-far-unveiled posters.

Alongside Thalaivar, we also see Radhika Apte, Dhansika and Winston Chao (the Taiwanese actor who plays a knave in Kabali) in several sequences from a movie, in a Neruppu Da teaser.

What else does a Neruppu Da teaser uncover us of Kabali? Lots of what we adore Rajinikanth for: action, drama, character — and unthinkable levels of swag!

With such a glance to smooth a appetites, we can’t wait to see all of Kabali. In a meantime, we’ll be replaying a Neruppu Da teaser for a nth time (so can you):