Watch The First Trailer For The Upcoming Netflix Series The Crown

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the_crownFrom Narcos to Daredevil and Stranger Things, Netflix has been famous to furnish some intensely renouned series, and their latest might have even some-more people flocking to a renouned streaming site. The Crown launches on Nov 4th, and by a looks of a initial trailer it’s going to be a outrageous hit.

The Crown follows a story of Queen Elizabeth II, from her final few years as a princess, all a approach up to her claiming a bench and commencement her prolonged rule. It covers her attribute and matrimony to Prince Philip and explores her during times formidable attribute with Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The 25 year aged is forced to order a British Empire that is in decrease and a domestic universe that is in irregularity after a second universe war. For a initial time we will get to see a Queen’s private tour that is dark behind a really open facade.

Claire Foy plays Elizabeth, with Matt Smith holding on a purpose of Prince Philip and John Lithgow personification Winston Churchill. Peter Morgan wrote and combined a series, that means good things for a uncover as well. After all he wrote a strike film The Queen, and was nominated for an Oscar for his work. He also wrote The Audience, a theatre play that takes a demeanour during a Queen’s meetings with Prime Ministers via her reign. It was The Audience that served as an impulse for The Crown.


The 10 part array The Crown will arrive on Netflix on Nov 4th.