Watch: This darling Surf Excel ad for Ramzan in Pakistan will warp your heart

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With a “daag pain hain” tab line, antiseptic code Surf Excel has come adult with some flattering lovable ads over a past few years.

But a new one it unveiled, to time with Ramzan celebrations in Pakistan, takes a cake. Or should we say, a jalebis and samosas.

A screengrab from a adA screengrab from a ad

A screengrab from a ad

The ad depicts a small child being dressed in a unadulterated new kurta for a festival and using out to accommodate his friends. He afterwards spots an aged honeyed businessman whose transport is stranded in a rut, and is incompetent to sell his things to those out for a iftaar.

Our immature kid soon scoops adult some samosas in his kurta and rushes into a marketplace, to sell them. His friends join in too, bringing along a jalebis while a beholden chacha looks on.

Of course, their kurtas are greasy and speckled by a time a boys are finished and they’re disturbed about it, until a boy’s mother, who has seen it all, reassures them that “daag acche hain”, generally when we got them doing a good help or lending a assisting hand.

Pakistani ads combined specifically for Ramzan have formerly found fans in India — like a Pepsi 2015 one that had stars like Zindagi Gulzar Hai singer Sanam Saeed.

But a Surf Excel one trumps that by a mile. For both summary and cuteness quotient, this one gets a thumbs up. Take a look: