‘What Are You Doin?’ Adorable Bird Brothers Strike Up The Cutest Conversation Ever

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Birds are some of a usually animals that can collect adult on and replicate tellurian speech.

They’re not good orators or anything, though bird owners can mostly sight their pets to contend a few phrases. we even knew someone once whose parakeet picked adult some flattering scurrilous denunciation from TV!

Most people don’t have unchanging hit with trained birds, however, so we might not get to knowledge this materialisation initial hand. Enter Fabio and Gabriel, ringneck parakeet brothers whose conversations are fundamentally a many darling things ever.

Watch as they repeat phrases like “What are we doin?” and make kissing noises during one another to uncover their distrurbance and affection. They’re only like tellurian brothers!


I’ve got to admit, that’s flattering awesome. I’d hang out with these dual any day. Their convo certain beats “Polly wish a cracker!”