What Photobombed This Meteorologist During A Broadcast Is Just Too Funny

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For anchors, reporters, meteorologists, and other newscast presenters, it’s their pursuit to be as veteran and staid as probable in front of a camera.

But as The Denver Channel demonstrated behind in Mar 2016, that doesn’t meant they can’t have a small fun during any other’s responsibility during broadcasts. While their meteorologist, Lisa, was giving a continue foresee on Denver7, producers cut to a flattering extraordinary close-up of a ebony in an try to shock her.

But a fun was on them when Lisa, yet a small surprised, didn’t give them a shocked greeting they were anticipating for. In fact, she was some-more amused than anything.


In Lisa’s place, we really would’ve jumped and shrieked. It’s not each day we see a giant, bumbling bird right behind you.