What Pilots Recorded Happening Outside This Cockpit Is Something You Have To See

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St. Elmo’s heat is a overwhelming continue materialisation in that electrical liberate from pointy or forked objects creates plasma with a blue or violet glow. It typically occur during thunderstorms, when there’s a clever electric margin in a atmosphere.

St. Elmo, or St. Erasmus of Formia, is a enthusiast saint of sailors — a wise name deliberation sailors would infrequently declare a materialisation on ships during sea, holding it as a pointer their enthusiast saint was present. It also appears on aircraft wings, and in these pilots’ cases, right over a aspect of their airliner’s windshield.

An Airbus 320 recently gifted St. Elmo’s heat while drifting over Argentina nearby a thunderstorm. The pilots were propitious adequate to constraint it on camera.


Isn’t it beautiful? If we didn’t know any better, we would’ve mistaken it for lightning bolts!