What These Artists Are Doing To People’s Tattoos Is Insane!

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People get tattoos all a time. Some have special meanings, while others only demeanour insanely cool. When a tattoo looks extraordinary on someone, it’s tough to suppose them but it.

But artists Oskar Gaspar motionless to take a story of tattoos another step further. These innovators specialize in what is famous as “video mapping.” Video mapping projects light onto strange surfaces to give them a 3-D effect. When practical to tattoos, this record does something incredible.

Here’s what video mapping looks like.

Here's what video mapping looks like.

Vimeo / Oskar Gaspar

Watch when happens when it’s used to spur people’s tattoos:


(via BuzzFeed)

Pretty freaky right? Imagine if that’s what tattoos looked like all a time! Until tattoo artists figure out a approach to emanate relocating physique art, this will really do.