What This Basketball Player Can Do Almost Defies The Laws Of Physics

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In basketball, it’s not odd for a tallest players to get many of a justice time, though during only 5ft 8in, North Carolina local Dexton Crutchfield is creation waves on and off a justice with his superhuman abilities.

The 20-year-old basketball actor is apropos increasingly obvious for his abilities to burst vast distances. In a collection of Crutchfield’s best feats, a Iowa Western Community College tyro can be seen jumping over cars, leapfrogging over a integrate in a supermarket, and even jumping some-more than 23 feet from path to path opposite a road.

While Crutchfield has never strictly lerned in jumping, once college starts in January, he’ll set out to accomplish his dream of receiving a prolonged burst star record.

(via Daily Mail)

I’m still watchful for a star to magnify me with a talent like this. Any day now would be great!