When He Woke Up From A Coma, He’d Missed His Graduation…Then His School Did This

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When Scott Dunn got into a terrible automobile pile-up final month, his family and friends weren’t meditative about what he’d be blank when they put him into a medically prompted coma.

Rather, they had one idea in mind — for him to recover.

But when a East Juniata High School tyro woke adult a week later, his initial suspicion was utterly unexpected. He asked what day it was and on realizing he’d been defunct for days, not hours, he sullenly said, “I missed my graduation.”

Benjamin Fausey, a principal of a Pennsylvania school, listened that Dunn was recovering…

He began contacting students, seeking that they come behind to propagandize — something many substantially weren’t utterly vehement to do. But when he told them a reason why? They didn’t demur for a second!


What a good thought. we know my high propagandize graduation is a day we won’t shortly forget, and I’m certain Dunn feels a same way!