When In Doubt, Dance It Out. Texas Teen Busts A Move While Hurricane Harvey Rages On

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As thousands of people along a trail of Hurricane Harvey collected their essentials and prepared to evacuate, one Texas teen took a really opposite proceed to traffic with a healthy disaster.

Deandre Wilson was held behaving a sleet dance of sorts as a hazard of Hurricane Harvey wreaked massacre on vital cities like Houston. Since Wilson wasn’t in Harvey’s approach trail of destruction, he took to a travel and put on a uncover for his whole neighborhood. Twisting and twirling about, during one indicate Wilson even creates use of a sleet puddles to incorporate into his unpretentious performance.

Watching from a comfort of their possess homes, many of Wilson’s neighbors snuck a look of a teen as he attempted his best to soothe stress.

(Via Daily Mail)

While Wilson’s epic dance slight might have spawned some copycats, it’s substantially best to sojourn indoors until Harvey creates his approach out.