When She Saw An Old Man Having Trouble With His Meal, She Did The Sweetest Thing

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With all a bad news we get strike with each day, we mostly disremember a things people do to make others’ lives a tiny easier — though this woman’s act of affability really didn’t go unnoticed.

At a Huddle House caf� in Douglas, Georgia, one worker named Wanda was recently available assisting an aged male in a tiny though really suggestive way. A maestro with an harmed hand, he was struggling to eat his pancakes. While a younger male sitting with him changed to support him, Wanda stepped in and started slicing a food so a dual could lay behind and suffer their meal.

It took her reduction than a notation to do it, though her actions meant so most to those who witnessed them.

(via Daily Mail)

What an impossibly honeyed gesture. If we all stopped to do something like this for others, a universe would be a kinder place.