When This Dog Saw The Cat Was In The Hall He Was Walking Through…He Did THIS

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Redd is only like any other darling array bull. He’s kind, playful, and loves his encourage parents.

There’s only one thing that sets him detached from a pack…

He is shocked of his cat sibling.

You see, Redd is vital in a encourage home while he waits to be adopted from Pound Hounds Res-Q. But each time he encounters his feathery sibling, he freezes and does this, anticipating to not disquiet a feline.

“Can’t. Wake. Cat.”


“He didn’t hear…did he??”

He didn't hear...did he??

Facebook / Pound Hounds Res-Q

Poor Redd. we wish he and a cat turn friends earlier or later…

Then again, examination a 70-pound dog tiptoe down a corridor is flattering priceless, so I’m torn!

(via BarkPost)

If you’re meddlesome in adopting Redd, go here.