When This Girl Hops On Her Pony For A Ride, Another Four-Legged Buddy Joins Them

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Horseback roving isn’t usually a resting activity for humans anymore.

As this video shows, Dude, a friendly black cat wants to join his owners as she prepares to trot by a snowy turf on her 28-year-old tiny horse, Gallant. As a dual ready to take off, Dude fast jumps onto a saddle and prepares for a float of his life.

As Gallant is still comparatively new to a family, a lady hopes to be means to learn her equine to burst and tub competition in a entrance months. We can usually theory that Dude will be along for a ride.


As someone that always wanted a hack when we was flourishing up, we impossibly sceptical of Dude and his new crony Gallant. we theory I’ll have to hang to a coin-operated ponies for now!