When This Guy Pulled A Mealworm Out Of A Hole, He Got A Nasty Surprise

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When we was a kid, we desired branch over rocks to check out all a bugs that lived underneath.

While we desired examination them yield around — yes, we was a bizarre child — there’s no approach that we would have indeed stranded my hands anywhere nearby them. we favourite gripping my fingers, and I’ve always insincere that many people felt a same way. Not this guy, though.

In a video below, a male is clearly perplexing to lift a mealworm out of a hole with some tweezers for whatever reason. He perceived a nasty startle when something terrifying popped out with it.

That is a whole lot of NOPE.

In reality, this is substantially only a male feeding his pet tarantula, though that doesn’t make it any reduction creepy.