When You See This Dog’s Reaction To Hearing The Word ‘Walk’ You’ll Be In Stitches

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Dogs can be lerned to do usually about anything these days. From attractive a newspaper, grabbing a drink from a fridge for us, or flushing a toilet, they’re flattering great. It’s important, though, that we give a dog a word to anchor that charge to (fetch, down, etc.), and once it hears that word, it knows accurately what to do.

There’s always an difference to a rule, though, and this dog is it. She appears to have usually schooled one word, and it’s positively waggish saying her conflict to it.

I feel like she usually cared to learn “walk.”

She positively loves holding walks. Good for her…at slightest she enjoys exercise. we know some dogs who we have to drag outward in sequence to get them to go for a walk.